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Shelby Slauer

"a modern day shelby slauer"

Thank you for being here today.

Photo by: Emily Akers

news and updates

What's going on w/ her?

nothing much.

Thank you for asking. If something is going on with me, I will post it here. If there is nothing posted here, it either means I am on a beach vacation for some much needed "me" time or struggling to make this whole "comedy" thing work. One hopes the types of things that will be posted here will be along the lines of, "My world tour dates are already sold out," or, "Greta Gerwig has decided I am her new muse," and not something like, "Boredom has led me to begin studying 'Birds of New York: Field Guide.'"

Photo by: Arin Sang-Urai


For booking or other inquiries, send me an email.

say hello

Please contact me if you would like to work with me or ask what I want for Christmas. Please do not contact to tell me you do not care what I want for Christmas because you are not getting me anything. If you would like to invite me to your nephew's baby shower, you may send me an evite.

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